Firstly, a massive THANK YOU for choosing me to be such an important part of your special day! I am so honored to capture some amazing memories for you to cherish for the rest of your lives!

I am all about creating a fun and relaxed vibe when taking photos of your wedding and making sure you are not worried about the photos and enjoying your day!

As cliche as it may sound, I always hope that when I am hanging out with my couples it just feels like hanging out with good friends. 

I have put together this welcome back to help make your wedding photography experience as easy as possible and to share some handy hints.

At any point you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch, I am here to help in anyway I can! 


Zoe x

A bit more about me

If you follow me on Instagram you are probably already aware of this fact, but I am obsessed with my dogs Nala and Milton. They are my fur-children and I love them to death. They are golden retrievers and are just so bloody adorable. So whenever dogs or animals of any kind are involved in weddings I get a tad excited (read: more than a tad haha)

My love of photography started in a pretty unusual way way back when Photoshop was on its second version and you had to wait for your internet to dial up and your computer to load for a good five minutes of so. I was in year 8 and obsessed with Harry Potter (the books, don't worry) and had taught myself how to Photoshop by creating story banners for people who wrote harry potter fan fiction. This sparked an interest in actually taking the photos myself and ever since then I haven't put my camera down.

I am also one of those strange people who really enjoy running (read: jogging haha) This is my way to de-stress and have a moment to myself and listen to my music and just forget about everything else.

TRUE CRIME PODCASTS. If I am roadtrippin' to your wedding I am most likely either ugly singing in my car or listening to some true crime podcasts. So if you have some killer (yes pun intended) recommendations I am all ears! 

If you do want to know a bit more about me, I am always up for a chat of course, but you can find a bit more about me and see behind the scenes on my Instagram stories. 

The girl behind the camera



Some rad suppliers I LOVE working with!


Having the right professionals on your side to make your day as epic as you hoped is super important. Making sure these vendors work seamlessly together means you will get the absolute best from each and everyone! Here as some amazing suppliers to check out!




Event Hire


Hair & Makeup


8 hours

12:30pm - Groom Preparation
1:10pm - Leave for Bride prep
1:30pm - Bridal Preparation
2:30pm - Zoe leaves for ceremony
3:00pm - Zoe arrives at Ceremony 
3:30pm - Ceremony Begins
4:00pm - Ceremony Concludes
4:05pm - Group Photo
4:10pm - Family Photos
4:30pm - Wedding Party Photos 
5:00pm - Wedding Portraits
6:00pm - Arrive at Reception 
6:15pm - Wedding Party Entrance
6:20pm - Cake Cut
6:30pm - Food service 
7:30pm - Speeches
8:00pm - First Dance
8:30pm - Zoe finishes 

Sample Timline

Important to remember:
Each and every wedding is different and one timeline is definitely never the same. The important thing to ask yourselves is what are your must haves and make sure that we frame your timeline around the things that matter to you!

Things to consider when choosing a getting ready location

Does it have lots of nice natural light? 

Is the decor/style of the location what I had imagined in my photos? 

Are both getting ready locations close to the venue/each other to limit the amount of travel time?

Is it worth hiring an AirBnb to get the look you are after/ be close to your venue

Getting Ready

what you need to know


- Have hair and makeup completed before the photographer arrives, with only minor touch ups needed. 

- Make sure the space is nice and tidy prior to photographer arriving, it makes a big difference in both the look of the photos and the amount of time spent shooting

- If you are wanting photos in robes/pjs etc. then this should happen straight away to allow time for your bridesmaids to get changed to help you into your dress.

- Have all important details ready to go for photos (dress, shoes, perfume, invitation, jewelry, bouquet etc.)


- Have all important details ready to go for photos (suit jacket, tie, shoes, cuff links, cologne, rings, button hole etc.)

- Make sure the space is nice and tidy prior to photographer arriving, it makes a big difference in both the look of the photos and the amount of time spent shooting

- Remove any tack stitching on suit jacket and clothing tags


This is of course completely up to you! First looks are a great way to ease those wedding day nerves and spend a special moment together before the ceremony.  First looks are also great if you want to get some photos done prior to your ceremony, which means you will be able to spend more time hanging with your guests during cocktail hour. If you are having a winter wedding this can be an excellent option to ensure you will have photos with natural light. As the sun sets quite early, if your ceremony time is in the afternoon the light fades a bit too early to get family photos, wedding party photos and portraits completed in time.

First Looks

what you need to know

We aren't sure if we should have a first look?

There has been many times where I have taken a photo during a ceremony where I have thought, wow that would have been a beautiful photo if it wasn't for 10 phones, 4 iPads and a camera in it. Some of the best shots during the ceremony is seeing your guests reactions to one of the most important moments of your lives and it is hard to get that when they are concentrating on a screen rather than living in the moment. I promise I will have some amazing shots of your ceremony for you to share with all your family and friends!

Unplugged Cermonies

what you need to know

Family Photos

My biggest recommendation for this is to allocate a family member from each side of the family that can be 'in charge' of making sure all the family members are present and are in the photos they are supposed to be. Closer to the wedding day I will send you a questionnaire where you will put a list of your family photo combinations and this can be handed to your designated family member. That way when I am calling out names there is someone near by who knows what everyone looks like. It is also a really good idea to let the family members know prior that they will be required during this time so they know they need to be there when I call out 'family photo time!'



How long is a piece of string haha? It definitely depends on how important these photos are for you. I have had couples who only wanted a few photos and other who it was their number one priority. Ideally I think 45 minutes to an hour is a good amount of time to get a variety of shots, however I can definitely work with shorter or longer amount of times.  

I always tell my couples that this time is a really beautiful moment, as it is probably the only time on your wedding day where it is just the two or you (and me haha) So I like to shoot this in a really natural candid way where you get to hang out with each other and enjoy being married whilst I am there snapping away!

Wedding Portraits

what you need to know

Golden hour is the hour before sunset when the light is looking deliciously warm and wonderful! If you where hoping for a killer sunset shot then this is something I definitely recommend. During daylight savings this tends to happen during your reception, so I always suggest to duck out for ten minutes or so when the light is looking amazing to get a few shots if you are keen!

Golden Hour

Sparklers are such an awesome way to finish off the night, or even just to do at any point in the night for an epic photo! I absolutely adore capturing these moments but please make sure you are checking with your venue that it is okay to do it there, as well as checking fire bans across the state.

In order to make a good sparkler photo work it is important that there are enough lighters/matches to go around so everyone can light their sparklers at the same time. I would also recommend purchasing extra long sparklers so the burn time in around 1 - 2 minutes for the best sparkler effect!

Sparkler Exit

what you need to know

I Can't Wait!

I am so excited to be there to capture your special day and hope this guide helps and answers a few questions you might have! If there is literally ANY question you have at any point in the preparation of your wedding, I have an open door. Just shout out and let's make some epic memories!

Zoe x